Antonieta Martinho

My name is Antonieta Martinho.
I was born in Kalima, then Kingdom of Belgium.
After a career in science I joined the Painting course at FBAUL, fr om 2009 to 2014 at the same time I attended the Practical Painting Course at SNBA, 2012 to 2014.
Member of the governance of SNBA-Biennium 2015/16.
I live and work in Lisbon. I dedicate myself exclusively to art since my academic artistic formation, in 2009.
My first individual exhibition was in 2016, assuming a choice, in which the abstract component has its own meaning in the language I use.


2022 – “Symbiosis” – Museum of Work Michel Giacometti, Setúbal
2021 – “Antonieta Martinho” – Circle Arts
2020 – “BEYOND THE PLASTIC” – Casino Lisbon
2020 – “THE LINE WALK” – Municipal Library of Setúbal
2019 – “STILLNESS…”, Gallery of Modern Art, S.N.B.A., Lisbon
2018 – “recoding-recodificar”, FMP, Oeiras
2017- “CHANGING DIALOG” – Lisbon Municipal Chamber
2016 – “deconstruction” Gallery of Modern Art, S.N.B.A., Lisbon


Since 2006, I have regularly participated in several collectives, biennials and competitions (selection)
– FOZ ‘ARTE 2023, Porto
– International Exhibition Virtual Capital Culture House Gallery (NEXUS),Madrid
– XVI International Exhibition Virtual Museum MundoArti , Valência
– Cuttoo Art Fair, Madrid
– “Cities of the Future”, Executive Art’s Hotel, Lisbon
– XXII International Biennial Art of Cerveira
– X Coruche Biennial
– XXII Avante Biennial
– Emerging Scene – Dubai (short list)
– X Moita Biennial
– “Black & White” Art Show
– 4ª Biennial International Art Gaia
– Portuguese Emerging Art, of EMERGE – (short list)
– Let me tell about … >>, MAED, Setúbal
– “Discovering the Master” – New Ways, Sardoal
– XXI Biennial – AVANTE
– IX Moita Biennial
– ART-MAP, Ponte de Lima
– Bocage, Seen and Interpreted by Contemporary Art, Galeria do 11, Setúbal
– X Biennial “Salão das Artes”, Vidigueira
– 6th edition of the Abel Manta Painting Prize, Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Gouveia
– Inatel Foundation, Gallery of the Portuguese Sculpture and Painting Association, Lisbon
– «Arte Hoje», SNBA., Lisbon


2023 – Merit Award – Grey Cube Gallery
2022 – Merit Award – Grey Cube Gallery
2021 – Coruche Bienal Distinction Routes with Art
– Digital Photography Honorable Mention – Grey Cube Gallery
– 3D Honorable Mention  – Fusion Art
– Painting Honorable Mention  – 2018 – Painting Honorable Mention  – S.N.B.A.
– 3rd Photography Prize – OM
2016 – Painting Honorable Mention – ART-MAP
2014 – Photography Honorable Mention  – OM


2018 -ParkArtes, Lisbon Casino
I’m part of the collective


2022 – We Must Take Action – XXII Biennial of Cerveira
2021 – Breathing Art with Sustainability – Biennial of Coruche
2020 – PEA 2020
2016 – Art Exhibition, moving curatorial project


Abel Manta Museum; C.P. Refugees; Lisbon City Council; Marquês de Pombal Foundation; DGAJ; Lisbon Casino; Museum of Work Michel Giacometti
Private – Spain, Angola and Portugal


Why should I write about my work?...
In reality, only the author knows, the how and why of his works, and these, when finished are part of himself. Each work is thus the expression of the conscious and unconscious self of the author.

I have wanted to be a painter for as long as I remember.
I attended several art schools, developed the technical content and the necessary theoretical approaches in order to assert an option that would take me to my own plastic scope.

In 2014 SNBA created the Atelier Experimental and from that year onwards I started to dedicate myself to researching “things”; While investigating the plasticity of matter and materials of the 21st century I acquired new ideas and concepts, in view of the construction of the contemporary image.

In my search the choice of a new support material arose.
Through the understanding and experimentation of its main characteristics (physical and chemical): transparency and brightness, as well as the development of new painting techniques, I created and explored the relationship between the main elements; colour, shape and emptiness.

The good malleability of this material also allowed me to overcome the barrier of the two-dimensional, through the cut, creating volume and depth, which until then I had not yet developed, enabling the three-dimensional aspect.

In my creative process, I manifest myself through the way I perceive the world at each moment. The evolution of my work, the constant need to innovate and create, leads me to look for new plastic means of expression, to approach the idea of landscape, as a personalized, abstract, often chaotic or dreamlike image.