My artistic path can’t and should not be referred exclusively to the condition of painting as, as Braque said, “what really matters is what it is not explicit”.
My work “talks” about the language of the time in which we live, in the search of a new expression adapted to the rhythm, freedom and context of current life.
My interest in the experimentalism in painting is a constant, an opening to other worlds and to new possibilities. Abstract work has always attracted me, since it provides more fluid and comprehensive languages with multiple meanings.
I have started the PANORAMA PROJECT in 2014/15. A more experimental way of working developed in a mixed technique using new materials and supports of canvas, paper and acetate.
Since 2016/17 and up to now, I am using a new, transparent and shiny support what leads me to an inversion of my working process and to the exploitation of new pictorial techniques. The result of the work on this new material allows an image of the painting in which the illusion of floating in the space is created with simultaneous vision and interpenetration.